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Blood Tests

In November 2019, the Gustavus PFAS Action Coalition (GPAC), Gustavus Clinic employees, Alaska Community Action on Toxics (ACAT), and Indiana University (IU) collaborated to offer free blood tests to Gustavus residents who are most likely to have been affected by PFAS-contaminated water.


The eligible candidates included children and adults who have been exposed to PFAS either through the Gustavus School, previous or current residences, or places of work.


The goal of this pilot effort is to document the body burden of PFAS among some of those who have been exposed in Gustavus. If the results of this study show higher than average blood PFAS levels among this group, then our long term goal is to expand this study to a larger group of people. In this case, GPAC and ACAT hope to see every person who has had a risk of exposure to PFAS-contaminated water to be able to have access to blood tests at no cost to them.


This initial pilot study was offered free of cost due to volunteers and donations from the people of Gustavus, Gustavus Clinic, ACAT, Indiana University, and GPAC.

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