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PFAS Resources



Threats to Drinking Water and Public Health in Alaska

The Scope of the PFAS Problem, Consequences of Regulatory Inaction, and Recommendations

(ACAT report published September 2019)

Alaska Dept of Environmental Conservation

PFAS page

DEC list of PFAS sites in Alaska (March 21, 2019)

PFAS in Alaska's Fish (February 27, 2019 report)

April 28, 2019 memo from Sally Schlichting,

(now former) Manager for DEC's Contaminated Sites Program

Alaska Dept of Transportation & Public Facilities

PFAS page

Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities PFAS Sites:

Gustavus Airport

MAP of July 2019 test results


Dillingham Airport

MAP of December 2019 test results


Fairbanks Airport

MAP of November 2019 test results

King Salmon Airport

MAP of August 2019 test results


Yakutat Airport

MAP of January 2020 test results

U.S. Congressman Don Young's January 17, 2020 letter

to the Anchorage Daily News about PFAS

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